Torque Wrench

TRX-7/16 Torque Wrench

Product Description

Features & Benefits of the Cable Prep Torque Wrench

  • Prevent damage to equipment from over tightening or signal loss due to loose connectors.
  • Factory calibrated and guaranteed to provide consistent torque over the life of the tool.
  • Color coded rings for easy identification of different torque (inch pound) settings.
  • Knurled tool body provides a gripping surface to ensure a firm hold during use.
  • Continued click tension, ours retains the snap long after the competition develops that spongy feel.

How can a simple torque wrench be an innovation? When Cable Prep decides to offer something to our customers that they can purchase elsewhere, we will only do it if we feel that we can IMPROVE upon it.
And we have it.

Unlike other torque wrenches we tested, the Cable Prep Torque Wrench will ALWAYS apply the stated torque EVERY time. Zero guesswork…just rotate and go.

Available Part Numbers:

  • TRX‐7/16‐20 (20 inch pounds, Yellow)
  • TRX‐7/16‐25 (25 inch pounds, Orange)
  • TRX‐7/16‐30 (30 inch pounds, Green)
  • TRX‐7/16‐40 (40 inch pounds, Black)

WARRANTY: All Cable Prep brand tools are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material.

Plastic bodies have a lifetime warranty, and metal bodies have a limited lifetime warranty.

Blades on stripping/coring tools have a one-year warranty.

Please call Technical Support at 1-800-394-4046 if you need assistance choosing the appropriate tool for your application.

Please refer to our website,, for additional tool information.


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